PTE Academic Mastery: Write from Dictation

‘Write from Dictation’ is a short-answer item type that integrates listening and writing skills, and requires you to understand and remember a sentence, and write it using correct spelling.

Number of items 3-4
Prompt Length 3-5 seconds
Scoring Partial credit (for each word spelled correctly)
Communicative skills, enabling skills and other traits scored Listening and writing
Subskills tested Listening: Understanding academic vocabulary; following an oral sequencing of information; comprehending variations in tone, speed and accent.

Writing: Writing from dictation; using correct spelling.

  1. You have seven seconds to position the cursor in the box before the recording will play.
  2. Type as many words as you can. At this point, you may ignore the spelling and spacing and focus on the content words.
  3. If you find it easier, you may disregard less significant words such as articles and prepositions. You may add them after the audio stops.
  4. Unless you find it more effective, do not wait for the sentence to finish before writing the sentence.
  5. Common mistakes committed in this task are failure to add “s” for nouns in plural forms and including “ed” in verbs signifying past events.
  6. Complete the sentence using your knowledge in grammar and contextual clues. Check the spelling of the words and observe proper capitalization and punctuation.


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