Rescoring and Retaking PTE Academic

Here’s a classic PTE Academic experience… you have taken PTE Acadmic three times and have just given it another try. Goal Score is at least 79 per skill. After three days, an email from Pearson Vue arrived. You logged into your account and viewed the test score report. Scores: Listening – 83; Reading – 90; Writing – 85; Speaking – 76. This is your fourth take and you’re tired of studying. You’ve spent more than you’ve planned and you want to go through this test to move to the next steps of your Australian visa application.

Three points is all you need to get this over with. Though you’ve heard that rescoring is not ideal, you’re still considering it because, after all, it is a lot easier than preparing again for the next take.

But, think about it. What if your scores don’t change? What if they lower down? The stakes are high.


Before making a tough decision, why don’t you broaden your understanding on rescoring and retaking?


A rescore is done on open-ended written answers and spoken responses only and thus, only your scores in the speaking and writing modules might improve.

To help you decide on pursuing this step, consider the following facts:

  • PTE Academic uses an automated scoring system; hence, the possibility that your overall scores will change is very minute.
  • Only spoken responses and open-ended written responses are reviewed.
  • In case a change occurs, the new scores might be higher or lower.
  • The new scores will replace the original figures and will be shown on a reissued test score report.
  • A rescore is permitted to be done on your most recent PTE Academic test only. If you have already booked to take the exam again or have allowed an institution to view the scores, a rescore is no longer an available option.
  • You must apply for a rescore within 14 calendars since receipt of your test score report.
  • To know the rescoring fees, contact the Customer Service team or check
  • You will receive a refund of the rescoring fees paid in the unlikely event that either your overall, communicative or enabling skills scores change.


A candidate is allowed to take PTE-A an unlimited number of times. Before doing so, you should wait for at least five days from the most recent test date. You must have received and viewed your test score report. To book another test, go to your Pearson VUE account. Make sure you have remembered your log in details.

Your previous test scores will remain valid for two years. It will not be replaced or invalidated by your subsequent test scores. You have the option to choose which scores to send to your selected institutions.


Whatever your choice is, have some faith and say a little prayer. Once you finally reached 79 in all skills, share it to the world!


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