PTE Academic Mastery: Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a task that integrates speaking and reading skills, and requires you to read a short text aloud, using correct pronunciation and intonation.

Number of items 6-7
Prompt Length Text of up to 60 words per item
Time to answer Varies by item, depending on the length of text.
Scoring Partial credit
Communicative skills, enabling skills and other traits scored Reading and speaking
Oral fluency, pronunciation
Subskills tested Reading: Identifying a writer’s purpose, style, tone or attitude; understanding academic vocabulary; reading a text under timed conditions.

Speaking: Speaking for a purpose (to repeat, to inform, to explain); reading a text aloud; speaking at a natural rate: producing fluent speech; using correct intonation; using correct pronunciation; using correct stress; speaking under timed conditions.

  1. Skim the text. Before the microphone opens, you have 30-40 seconds to read the text, familiarise yourself with the words and understand the content.
  2. Read every single word and only the words that appear on the screen. Omissions, replacements and insertions are errors and are deducted from the points earned for words spoken correctly.
  3. Observe syllable stresses. Stress the words that carry significant content. Divide the text into pieces. Use  punctuation to help you choose at which points should you pause and change your intonation.
  4. Speak with confidence. Confidence can bring out clarity, volume and calmness when speaking. Speak like you are delivering a speech or reading a story to a bunch of kids, but with enough speed.
  5. If you stutter halfway, try to read the word or words again and continue reading. Do not start over from the beginning. Do not proceed to the next item, without finishing the text.
  6. As a form of preparation, practice reading at any opportunity.  Billboards, diner menu, shampoo bottle label. Read any random words you see daily. During your proper review schedule, use a recorder and listen to yourself. Getting used to reading English texts without being conscious will help you fight off anxiety during the actual exam.


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