PTE Test Day Tips – Things to Remember on PTE Academic Exam Day

If you have booked to take the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, you must arrive thirty minutes before the scheduled time of your exam.  You will not be allowed to take the exam if you arrive 15 minutes late at the exam center.

Upon Arrival

Sign in at the Test Center desk. The test administrator requires all candidates to read the ‘Test Taker Rules Agreement’ which also contains information about the examination’s confidentiality.

Biometrics and Acceptable ID

The receptionist will collect your biometrics which is comprised of electronic signature capture, palm vein screening and a test day photograph. Your electronic signature serves as proof of your acceptance of the Test Taker Rules.

Pearson will only accept a valid, government-issued and non-expired ID. It must bear your name in Roman alphabet and has a recognizable photo and signature. You may refer to this page to learn more of the PTE Academic ID Policy

Personal belongings

Watches, hankies, coats, food and water are not allowed inside the test room. Lockers are available for candidates who have brought personal belongings. These are not accessible until you have finished the exam and completed the sign off.

Test Centre Rules and Regulations

Every person entering the exam room must understand and strictly follow the test center rules and regulations. Activities like eating, drinking, singing and reading notes are prohibited. Offering and accepting assistance to fellow test takers are not tolerated. Making a copy of the test questions in any manner is a clear violation of the rules.

Equipment Check, Optional Breaks and Testing Accommodations

The test was programmed to guide candidates to perform equipment checks to confirm that their headphones and microphones are functioning well.

An optional break of ten minutes is available to the candidates. You may go to the wash room but never think of going to your designated locker to check your stuff. If you need to take medication during the break, you need to inform the test administrator who shall supervise you.

Test takers with disabilities are allowed to bring in comfort aids (tissues, cough drops, eyeglasses, hearing aids, neck braces) once deemed appropriate by the administrator. Testing accommodations can be requested provided certain eligibility criteria are met. These include, but not limited to, additional or extended rest breaks, allowance of a medical device in the testing rooms or enlarged font on the PC monitor.

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