How are the PTE Academic Band Scores Calculated?

PTE Academic band scores are one hundred percent scored using their automated scoring technologies. Some tasks receive points only when the answer or response is correct. The rest are rated according to correctness, quality and formal aspects.

The quality of the answer is evaluated by the enabling skills demonstrated by the response. Formal aspects are defined as the task form requirements such as word limit.

The two types of PTE Academic scoring system are:

  1. Correct or Incorrect. One point will be awarded for every correct answer. An incorrect answer is equivalent to zero point, not a negative score.
  2. Partial credit. Points will be given for correct responses. All incorrect answers will be deducted from the points earned for correct ones. If all answers are wrong, no points will be given.

A summary of the PTE Academic item types is charted below. The number of items, scoring method, communicative and enabling skills assessed per item are also given. These facts were gathered from the PTE Academic Official Score Guide:


Item TypeTime AllowedNumber of itemsScoringCommunicative skills, enabling skills and other traits scored
Part 1 Speaking and Writing (approximately 77-93 minutes)
Read Aloud30-35 minutes6-7Partial creditReading and speaking

Oral fluency, pronunciation


Repeat sentence10-12Partial creditListening and speaking

Oral fluency, pronunciation


Describe Image6-7Partial creditSpeaking

Oral fluency, pronunciation


Re-tell lecture3-4Partial creditListening and speaking

Oral fluency, pronunciation


Answer short question10-12Correct/IncorrectListening and speaking


Summarize written text20-30 minutes2-3Partial creditReading and writing

Grammar, vocabulary

Content, form

Write essay20-40 minutes1-2Partial creditWriting

Grammar, vocabulary, spelling, written discourse

Content; development, structure and coherence; form, general linguistic range

Part 2: Reading (approximately 32-41 minutes)
Multiple-choice, choose single answer32-41 minutes2-3Correct/IncorrectReading
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers2-3Partial credit (for each correct response. Points deducted for incorrect options chosen)Reading
Re-order paragraphs2-3Partial credit (for each correctly ordered, adjacent pair)Reading
Reading: Fill in the blanks4-5Partial credit (for each correctly completed blank)Reading
Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks5-6Partial credit (for each correctly completed blank)Reading and writing
Part 3: Listening (approximately 45-47 minutes)
Summarize spoken text20-30 minutes2-3Partial creditListening and writing

Grammar, vocabulary, spelling

Content, form

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers23-28 minutes2-3Partial credit (for each correct response. Points deducted for incorrect options chosen)Listening
Fill in the blanks2-3Partial credit (each correct word spelled correctly)Listening and writing
Highlight correct summary2-3Correct/incorrectListening and reading
Multiple-choice, choose single answers2-3Correct/incorrectListening
Select missing word2-3Correct/incorrectListening
Highlight incorrect words2-3Partial credit (for each word. Points deducted for incorrect options chosen)Listening and reading
Write from dictation2-3Partial credit (for each word spelled correctly)Listening and writing


To give you an example, here’s an illustration of the scoring process of the Summarize Written Text task:


The scores earned for the enabling skills (grammar and vocabulary) add to the total enabling skills scores reflected in the score report.

The total score for this task contributes to the communicative scores for writing and reading.

The scores for content, form and the enabling skills traits contribute to the total overall score.

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