How long does it take to get your PTE results?

Within five business days, your Pearson Test of English Academic Score Report will be made available. An email will be sent to notify you that it can be  viewed in your online Pearson Vue account. Log into Pearsonvue. The email itself contains steps on how to access the Score Report. These steps are also detailed in the PTE Academic Test Taker Handbook.

The result will be in a PDF file format. It includes details such as your Test Taker ID, date of birth, test date, overall score and score per skill. Your chosen organizations and institutions will only acknowledge your score once you send them via Pearson’s secure website. Make sure you remember your log in details because every time you must send your score report to an institution, you should do so by logging in to your Pearson Vue account. Pearson discourages test takers to directly send digital copies of their test score report to an institution. You might also receive an email notification from Pearson a few days after your exam to remind you to send your PTE Academic scores to an unlimited number of educational institutions, professional organizations or government bodies. Instructions are included in the handbook or at Pearsonvue-ViewMyScore.

Some lucky test takers will receive their scores within 24 hours. Others may have to wait for two weeks especially if they receive information that their scores were put on hold due to some irregularities found in their answers and responses. If your scores are still not available after five business days, you may send an email to Before doing so, check your spam or junk mail. The validity of the scores will last for two years from the test date. Once this period lapses, they cannot be viewed anymore in your Pearson Vue account.

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