PTE Rescore – If You Apply for a Rescore, What Happens?

Like any other English proficiency tests, Pearson allows test takers to request for a rescore if they are dissatisfied with their scores. A rescore is done on open-ended written answers and spoken responses only and thus, only your scores in the speaking and writing modules might improve. Rescoring will be performed by a human rater.

To help you decide whether you should pursue this step, consider the following facts:

  • PTE Academic uses an automated scoring system; hence, the possibility that your overall scores will change is very minute.
  • Only spoken responses and open-ended written responses are reviewed.
  • In case a change occurs, the new scores might be higher or lower.
  • The new scores will replace the original figures and will be shown on a reissued test score report.
  • A rescore is permitted to be done on your most recent PTE Academic test only. If you have already booked to take the exam again or have allowed an institution to view the scores, a rescore is no longer an available option.
  • You must apply for a rescore within 14 calendar days from receipt of your test score report.
  • To find out the rescoring fees, contact the Customer Service team or check
  • You will receive a refund of the rescoring fees paid in the unlikely event that either your overall, communicative or enabling skills scores change.

For most of those who have taken PTE Academic a few times, a request for a rescore is not recommended. In desperate times, it can seem to be an appealing solution, but keeping your hopes up and spending a relatively large amount of money on it is too much of a risk. The best recourse is typically to book another exam. There is no limitation in the number of times PTE Academic can be taken.

Never nurture a growing resentment towards PTE Academic. Instead, plot a comprehensive plan to break through it.


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