PTE Read Aloud Tips – How to Score Higher in the ‘Read Aloud’ Section of the PTE Academic Test

The ‘read aloud’ section of the test can be, especially for non-native English speakers, an especially stressful part of the exam.

It is a strange feeling, having a one-sided conversation with a computer and not getting any sort of feedback, but the best way to do well is to simply get used to it through practice.


We list below our top three tips for how to better on the speaking pare of the PTE test; but above all, you need to practice, practice, practice!

TIP ONE: Relax

This is a serious suggestion, take a deep breath and answer your questions easily, calmly and with confidence. If you are not jittery and inconsistent, you will achieve a better result – but more importantly, you might actually enjoy the process more.

Ensure your pronunciation is really clear and crisp, with every word stated clearly and not running words together by talking too quickly.

TIP TWO: Focus on the Punctuation

Punctuation exists for a reason – it allows you, the reader, to understand where the breaks should be in a piece of writing (whether read silently or spoken out aloud).

On this test, make sure you pause briefly for each comma (,) semicolon (;) and period / full stop (.).

A full stop also denotes the end of a sentence, so this is essentially a ‘reset’ point for tone and emphasis.

Use the small amount of time you have before the microphone becomes active to scan the text ahead and look for important punctuation signals that will help you as you read.

TIP THREE: Use your inflection

You know that tone is very important with language. English is no exception to this – a large part of your verbal communication in English is achieved through changing your inflection. In practice, this means changing your tone up and down where appropriate (for example, raise your tone if asking a question).

The spoken component of the PTE Academic Test does not come naturally, but with practice and repetition you will be able to master it.

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