Is it Possible to Prepare for PTE in a Week?

PTE or Pearson Test of English is a computer-based English language test which was developed to make an accurate measurement of a person’s English language ability. A PTE Test Score serves as proof of English language proficiency for purposes such as studying, seeking employment, and migrating. It has two types, General and Academic. PTE General is designed to evaluate the test taker’s capacity and readiness to communicate in English. However, it is not accepted for Australian visa applications.

A PTE Academic Certificate is recognized by educational institutions, and professional and government organizations. Accrediting bodies for professionals who are applying for a skilled migration visa require them to take an English Proficiency Test-Academic. PTE Academic is suitable for students wanting to take up an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

It is essential to be familiar with the test parts and the different test types of each part. PTE measures the test taker’s English communication skills (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) and enabling skills (oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and written discourse).

Is a week enough time to prepare for PTE?

There are review centers offering PTE training programs which can come in packages. The program usually lasts for a couple of weeks.  You may inquire the reviewer if they can offer an extensive one-week review package. If they can’t, ask them if they can recommend someone to do one-on-one coaching for a week.

If you prefer to do a self-review, a week off from school or work is suggested to focus on preparing.  Pearson offers free practice tests and a variety of resources which are found on You can also view their free online tutorials at Pearson’s scored mock tests are available at Answers are scored as if the test was taken on an actual exam. For PTE Academic, the recommended review materials are Practice Test Plus by Pearson Education Limited and PTE Academic Testbuilder by Macmillan Education. These books come with CDs containing the audio files for the listening and speaking tests. Pearson Education Limited also developed the application program, Official Guide to PTE Academic which is a software containing several practice tests and three unscored mock tests.

Before deciding to schedule an exam, try considering the following factors for your PTE preparation:

  1. Your target overall GPA and score per skill. Some organizations only require a score between 30 and 50, depending on your chosen occupation. Professionals and students must have a score of at least 65 per communicative skill.
  2. Available free time and resources. See if you can allocate one whole week for the preparation or just a few hours in a day. If a week is all you can spare, pick the materials which you think can be finished off in week. I strongly suggest the PTE Academic application program and take at least one mock test. 
  3. Result of the scored mock test. This result will show your strong and weak points. It will help you be familiar with the test and gives an evaluation of your performance. 
  4. Discipline and confidence level. Gauge your present level of English aptitude. Only you can tell if you are equipped enough to take the exam with less preparation.


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