Does PTE Marking Have a Human Factor, or Is it 100% Automated?

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a paperless examination. The actual test will be taken at a Pearson test centre. In Australia, these are located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. An erasable notebook booklet and a marker will be given by the exam administrator so you can take down notes. Only a computer and a headphone with built-in microphone are found on a test taker’s cube.

PTE is in the form of a software application. It is comprised of twenty task types which appears sequentially. Unlike IELTS, the speaking test does not involve an examiner throwing questions to a test taker; instead, you shall speak into the microphone while the computer is recording the audio. For the writing section, you will type in a text box with a word counter right below it.

There is no human intervention in PTE marking. Pearson uses an automated scoring system which was developed using complex algorithms and scores marked by human raters. It was trained and tested on a huge data sample. Score analysis demonstrates that automated scoring is a more logical and unbiased method of assessing someone’s aptitude. A human rater may tend to be subjective and consider insignificant factors like a person’s demeanor, tenor, and body language. For others, not talking to a stranger makes them more comfortable, relaxed, and focused. Looking at an examiner’s reactions can be intimidating and may cause anxiety or a mental block.

If you are dissatisfied with your test scores, you can request for a rescore, which will be done by a human rater. Only spoken responses and open-ended written responses are reevaluated. This step entails a few risks of its own. Your scores may go up or down and the new scores will replace the original figures.

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