PTE Academic Mastery: Listening Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers

The Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers (Listening) question assesses listening skills. It requires you to listen to, analyze, understand and assess a short recording on an academic subject and choose more than one correct response.

Number of items 2-3
Prompt Length 40-90 seconds
Scoring Partial credit (for each correct response. Points deducted for incorrect options chosen)
Communicative skills, enabling skills and other traits scored Listening
Subskills tested Any of the following depending on the item: identifying the topic, theme or main ideas; identifying supporting points or examples; identifying specific details, facts, opinions, definitions or sequences of events; identifying a speaker’s purpose, style, tone or attitude; identifying the overall organization of information and connections between pieces or information; inferring the context, purpose or tone; inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words; predicting how a speaker may continue.
  1. Before the recording will start playing, read the question and options to have a grasp of the subject. 
  2. The recording will talk about an issue, event, fact, etc. and will present ideas, examples and instances to explain or describe it. Follow how the speaker builds the topic and present the ideas.
  3. The options may not contain the exact words spoken. Sometimes, these are mere synonyms; so, do not be misled.
  4. Do not choose the option because it contains the same words or phrases mentioned in the recording. Find the information that the question is looking for.
  5. If you cannot find the answer because too many words are unfamiliar to you, try to infer the subject matter using the words that you know. Do not waste time trying to understand every single word.
  6. Try to do elimination. One by one, check if each option holds incorrect information or was not stated in the audio.
  7. Do not choose all the options. Incorrect answers are deductible.


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