PTE Academic Mastery: Listening – Fill in the Blanks

The Fill in the Blanks (Listening) question integrates listening and writing skills, and requires you to listen for missing words in a recording and type the missing words into a transcription.

Number of items 2-3
Prompt Length 30-60 seconds
Scoring Partial credit (each correct word spelled correctly)
Communicative skills, enabling skills and other traits scored Listening and writing
Subskills tested Listening: Identifying words and phrases appropriate to the context; understanding academic vocabulary; comprehending explicit and implicit information; following an oral sequencing of information.

Writing: Writing from dictation; using words and phrases appropriate to the context; using correct grammar; using correct spelling.

  1. Before the audio begins, you will have seven seconds to skim the text and identify the main topic.
  2. Do not lose your presence of mind. Remember, the recording will only play once.
  3. While listening, type the missing word. If you have not clearly heard or completely recall the missing word, try to write at least its basic form, e.g. context for contextual. After the audio stops playing, use context clues to revise these words into the appropriate form.
  4. Before proceeding to the next task item, guess the missing words of the blanks that you failed to fill in while listening. Incorrect answers will not be deducted from correct responses.
  5. Do not panic. If you have not heard the preceding missing words, keep calm and focus on the succeeding blanks.
  6. While the audio is playing, follow the speaker by directing your eyes to the words in the text.
  7. Check the spelling and capitalization of your answers. Read the sentences and silently listen to confirm if they make perfect sense.
  8. You will lose points for misspelled words. Be sure to check for correct spelling.

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