Is There Any Way to Fool the Computer?

When I was trying to condition myself to prepare for PTE, I went through information written by those who had sat the exam before me. There are hundreds of testimonies, tips, and a handful of ridiculous magic tricks. Speak random words without stopping. Recite a crafted and memorized template. Type a short paragraph and copy it until you reach the maximum word count.

These so-called hacks are done by saying words that do not make sense at all in relation to the real question. The scoring system might give you credits for fluency and pronunciation but you may lose these points for incorrect grammar and vocabulary.

There is no way you can fool the computer or cheat on PTE Academic. You cannot pay somebody else to take the exam for you. Before you sit the test, you will be required to present one valid, non-expired, government issued ID. The test administrator will take your test day photograph and collect your biometrics. Before entering the room, you will be asked to leave all your personal belongings including your wrist watch, handkerchief, and car keys. Tissue papers will be provided for those who have colds. The test administrator will assign you a computer and accompany you to your seat. He will sign you in and the test shall start.

The computer is programmed to show the exam only. You cannot forcibly close the program or install another one. The room is audio and video monitored and divided into cubicles such that a test taker cannot look onto somebody else’s computer.

Compared to IELTS, there will be no possibility of test paper leakage in PTE since the test is in a purely digital format.

Immense preparation, reliable materials, hard work, persistence, and a little faith are the secrets to getting that much coveted 65 band score. If you’re chasing after 79, exert a little more effort.


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