What is the Average PTE Academic Score?

Your overall score in the Pearson Test of English Academic is the total score points earned from all tasks.  It is a combination of the scores for content, form and enabling skills. It is not the average of the scores achieved in each communicative skill (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing), unlike the IELTS overall band score which is equivalent to the mean score of all skills.

If you’re wondering what’s the average score achieved by test takers, that’ll be hard to answer. Candidates have various target scores, depending on the purpose for taking the exam. There is no estimated PTE Academic average score computed based on a statistical sample of actual scores earned.

PTE Academic and CEF Average Tasks

The Council of Europe (2001) created a six-level framework called the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) which serves as a benchmark for language ability. The CEF is used as a standard reference by employers, universities, and candidates in reading scores achieved in any language qualification exam.

Shown in this table is the equivalent PTE Academic Scores that a test taker must achieve to successfully function in the easiest, average and most difficult tasks of each CEF Level.

CEF LevelUser ClassificationEasiestAverageMost Difficult
C2Proficient User8085NA
B2Independent User515975
A2Basic User243042


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